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Gaia's Organic Farm is currently a start-up venture that we hope will one day expand into a fully-fledged, commercially viable farm.

Our mission is to provide quality produce, grown with love, using organic and biodynamic principles so that we can be of service and supply people who want food that is grown healthfully and respectfully. We aim to live lightly on Gaia.

Gaia's Organic Farm (Pty) Ltd. Reg No.: 2012/179300/07 is a private company co-owned by Neill Griesel and Peter Henochsberg. Presently it operates in the farmland area of Atlantis, approximately 55 km outside of Cape Town, down the N7 highway to Malmesbury. We are close to Camphill Village, another biodynamic farm.

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Working wih Nature - Organic, Biodynamic and Permaculture Farming

We work with nature, not against it. Our motto is: "If the worms won't eat the produce, neither should you!"

Clever marketing ensures that today the average shopper desires the "perfect" looking fruit and vegetables. From a marketing point of view, buying is done with the eyes - not with the mouth. However, as soon as you get the produce home, invariably you will find it is bland or tasteless. It has been harvested too early, chilled in cold storage, waxed with petro-chemicals to make it look healthy, transported over long distances - if not half way around the world, then it is artificially ripened - ready for market - bereft of natural sugars, nutrients and goodness because it has not had sufficient time to acquire this from living soil.

Modern commercial farming sprays crops with fertilisers that are in fact petro-chemicals. Lands are 'prepared' by killing every living organism in and on the soil using pesticides and herbicides. Genetically modified seed is then planted into this sterile, barren soil where it is fed artificially with only the basic macro-nutrients. These make the plant look good, but they are, in fact, nutritionally sub-standard.

At Gaia's Organic Farm, we do things differently. We work with the cycles of nature. We take care of the soil and try to enhance it using composted manures and organic matter. Micro-organisms in the earth are encouraged and helped to find balance. Only natural organic pesticides are used to control "pests", not erradicate them. Pesticides are made of natural substances such as a mixture of garlic, canola oil and geranium tincture. Weeding is done by hand. Heirloom seed is used, not genetically modified seed. Our approach is eclectic using organic, biodynamic and permaculture farming methods.

Our produce may not look perfect. It will most certainly have a few bites out of it because, yes, worms, caterpillars and bugs love our produce. But, believe us, the taste is real and good and the produce is wholesome and nutritious!



We grow our vegetables in organically fertilised rich soil. No petro-chemicals are added. Our vegetables are grown according their their natural season. We have carrots, beetroot, spinach, chives, spring onions, leeks and tomatoes.

In time we will add to our selection of vegetabels.



We produce the following herbs:
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil


    Beekeeping and Honey Production

    Our hives are kept on farms that do not use pesticides. We have 15 swarms at present and are expanding these numbers gradually and naturally. Our pure, unadulterated honey is of the highest quality - and very tasty too!


    Free Range Chickens and Egg Production

    Our free range egg production was very successful but has run its course. Our happy hens were Hylines and Lohmans, which is a commercial breed. However, we are no looking into using a more local breeds which are hardy and dual purpose - meat and eggs.


    Sheep Production

    We have a small flock of naturally fed, free range Dorper sheep. The drought has hit us badly and we have had to decrease numbers, but we maintain a small flock of ewes and lambs, although we are not currently breeding until the drought breaks.



    You can email us on:

    Postal address:
    Gaia's Organic Farm, PO Box 179, Dassenberg, 7350. South Africa

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    Phone: 021-572-0329      Fax: 088-021-572-0329     Cell: 082-925-2298


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